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CultureSAFE Consultants

Our Senior CultureSAFE Consultants

Left to Right:
Dr Matthew Davies
Emeritus Professor Jeffery Spickett
Associate Professor (Adj) Birch Sio


CultureSAFE is a comprehensive programme developed by the WSH Council (WSHC) to help organisations nurture a strong WSH culture. The programme helps to inculcate in every member of your organisation a safety mindset and emphasises the importance of incorporating safety into your work culture. CultureSAFE aims on building trust between workers and management, having a common set of beliefs, and embracing a common culture of WSH.

By participating in the CultureSAFE Programme, you will be able to make use of the WSHC’s CultureSAFE e-Tool for the electronic evaluation and assessment of your esteemed organisation’s performance and work processes with regards to workplace safety and health. 

Other benefits of the CultureSAFE Programme include:
• Reduce accident rate
• Driving employee engagement
• Encouraging social cohesion within an organisation
• Sharing, learning and implementing WSH initiatives to improve WSH practices and behaviours
• Continual improvement on WSH culture
• Part of the criteria to apply for the yearly WSH Awards
• Certificates will be awarded to companies who are active in WSH culture building through the CultureSAFE cycle



The WSH Culture Fund (WCF) - Up to $30,000 of Funding Available! (Read More)

The WSH Culture Fund (WCF) is catered for SMEs to commence their WSH culture building journey. SMEs can claim up to 90% of the associated costs to embark on the CultureSAFE programme, subject to a cap of $30,000.

Concord Associates Pte Ltd, an approved CultureSAFE Consultant Organisation by WSH Council, can assist your organisation in this journey to implement the CultureSAFE programme and the application for the funding.