The WSH Culture Fund (WCF) of up to $30,000 is a Government grant catered for SMEs to commence their WSH culture building journey and in turn, maintain and sustain their safety culture within their workplaces progressively and pervasively.

Recognising that SMEs are interested to pursue a further progression in WSH performance beyond dependence of systems and to achieve better WSH outcomes, the WCF is established to help SMEs defray the associated costs to embark on the CultureSAFE programme.

The fund will be administered on a co-funding basis and with funding caps. The disbursement will be a first-come-first-serve basis until the WCF is exhausted.

The funding criteria are as follows:

1st Tranche (Steps 1 to 2) – Up to 90% of the consultancy fee capped at $5,000:

  1. One of the following
    1. A group employment size of not more than 200 employees (including part timers); OR
    2. A group annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million
  2. At least 30% shareholding that is local

2nd Tranche (Steps 3 to 5) – Up to 90% of the consultancy fee capped at $25,000:

  1. As per criteria stated for 1st tranche as an SME
  2. Level of WSH development as follow:
    1. Implemented a WSH Management System within its workplace, project sites,  etc; and
    2. At least bizSAFE level 3 certified or equivalent.
  3. Have not received any other government funding for the development of WSH culture;
  4. Completion of the following:
    1. Step 1: Diagnostic; and
    2. Step 2: Reporting
  5. A proposal from CSC on the following:
    1. All of Item (d) and;
    2. Step 3: Action Planning

For more information, please visit WSHC CultureFund