Our management is committed to providing a safe working environment to our employees and stakeholders so as to prevent injury and ill-health by establishing and maintaining the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

We are committed to ensure stewardship of the following aspects:

Health. Prevent injury and ill-health.

Engagement. Provide an avenue for stakeholders and employees towards communication, participation and consultations and be made aware of the OHS obligations.

Actions. Prompt actions to report and investigate all incidents and to determine the root cause of the incident and thus, to implement the necessary corrective & preventive actions.

Legal Compliance. Update and comply with all applicable Safety and Health legislations and any other relevant requirements.

Training. Attain a high level of safety consultancy through effective Training.

Hirac. Conduct Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control implementation for a safe and healthy workplace for staff and employees.

This policy shall be communicated to all staff and interested stakeholders of CAPL and CASTPL. We will strive for continual improvement of our safety and health practices and standards. Health and Safety Policy, Management System and Programmes shall be reviewed annually to ensure their relevance and effectiveness.