bizSAFE is a national program launched by the Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Council with the strong support from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The objective of the bizSAFE program is to raise the WSH standard of all workplace in Singapore by involving the participation of all stakeholders in each and every industry.

bizSAFE is a five-step voluntary program designed to support the key principles of the WSH Act which are to reduce risks at source, increase industry stakeholders’ ownership and to focus on achieving good WSH outcomes and systems rather than complying with prescriptive requirements.

Companies in the bizSAFE community can proudly display the bizSAFE logo on their business collaterals (e.g. letterheads, name cards, etc.) as a reflection of their commitment to WSH whereby these companies have implemented good safety and health controls. The most important asset of a company is its people and thus ensuring their safety and health should be the topmost responsibility of the management team. It is also a legal obligation to do so. Benefits include achieving a safe and healthy workforce, increase in business opportunity and others.

Concord Associates Pte Ltd (CAPL) is a bizSAFE Service Provider approved by the WSH Council and we are most pleased to offer our professional services for your company in achieving bizSAFE Enterprise Recognition.



Level Requirements Services


To achieve bizSAFE STAR, your enterprise must obtain SS 506 Certification issued by SAC accredited certification bodies OR OHSAS 18001 or other equivalent certification accompanied by a RM Implementation Audit Report by MOM Approved WSH Auditor.

We provide ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001 and SS 506 consultancy and RM Audit services.

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Your enterprise must select a Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Programme Lead to attend "Develop a WSHMS Implementation Plan" Course under WSQ Programme.

With the acquired knowledge, the WSHMS Programme Lead must be able to develop a WSH Implementation Plan for your enterprise.

After completing the WSHMS Plan, your enterprise may apply for bizSAFE Level 4 status.

We provide "Develop a WSHMS Implementation Plan" Course under WSQ Programme.

SDUs Awarded: 30 Points

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Your enterprise must engage an approved independent auditor to assess its RM implementation.

Your enterprise will then be recognised as bizSAFE Level 3 upon fulfilling the requirements.

We provide Risk Management consultancy and bizSAFE Level 3 Audit services.

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Your enterprise must nominate a Risk Management (RM) Champion to attend "Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan" Course under Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Programme.

At the end of the course, your RM Champion must chart out a RM Implementation Plan.

Your enterprise will then be promoted to bizSAFE Level 2.

We provide "Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan" Course under WSQ Programme.

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To attend the bizSAFE Workshop for CEO / Top Management.

Upon completion of the workshop, your company will be granted bizSAFE Level 1 status.

We provide bizSAFE Level 1 Training.

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 For more information on bizSAFE, please visit the WSHC Website.