Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Awards 2019 Logo

Presented by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council and supported by the Ministry of Manpower, the annual WSH Awards recognise organisations and individuals who have contributed to achieving excellence in workplace safety and health.

The national awards also include various categories to recognise supervisors, WSH officers and companies with innovative WSH solutions and excellent WSH performance.

The WSH Awards 2020 categories include:
1. WSH Developer Awards
2. WSH Performance Awards
3. Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP)
4. WSH Innovation Awards
5. WSH Officer Awards
6. WSH Awards for Supervisors

WSH Developer Awards
The WSH Developer Awards recognise developers that play an active role in ensuring good workplace safety and health practices among their contractors.

WSH Performance Awards
The WSH Performance Awards recognises companies or organisations that have performed well in safety and health through the implementation of sound safety and health management systems. This Award is open to all industries and companies.

Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP)
The SHARP Awards recognise projects or worksites that have good safety and health performance and workplace safety and health management systems. This includes large-scale projects that mobilise significant manpower and have shown their ability to manage WSH on a project-level. Examples of award recipients include shipyards’ projects, construction worksites and large workplaces within an organisation.

WSH Officer Awards
The WSH Officer Awards recognise registered WSH Officers’ exemplary performance and valuable contributions in cultivating safe and healthy workplaces in Singapore.
Behind the good safety and health performance of organisations are the people whose efforts had enabled their companies to achieve good results, such as WSH officers. To qualify for application, the officers will need to show his or her contribution in WSH for the community.

WSH Awards for Supervisors
The WSH Awards for Supervisors recognises supervisors who take care of workers under their charge by improving the safety and health performance in their workplaces.

WSH Innovation Awards
The WSH Innovation Awards is organised by Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI), Association of Process Industry (ASPRI), Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL), Singapore Hotel Association (SHA), Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) as well as Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), to recognise work teams who have come up with innovative solutions to improve safety and health standards in workplaces.

Please download the following checklists below (applicable to WSH Developer Awards, WSH Performance Awards and SHARP Awards): 
Please select the relevant Awards category to perform online submission:
• WSH Developer Awards 
• WSH Performance Awards 
• Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP) 
• WSH Innovation Awards (for submission under ‘Others’ category only) 
• WSH Awards for Supervisors (for submission under ‘Others’ category only) 
(The above information are abstracted from www.wshc.sg)

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